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The Cat Had Other Ideas

The Birds – a 100 word story

At first, Hitchcock thought about using flies. He worked laboriously for months with a fly trainer before ruling that out. Then he thought about using cats. The cats had other ideas and putting them on telephone poles proved to be a near impossibility. Their inability to fly was also a problem, so he turned his mind to using bats. It worked well at first until daytime came and the bats decided it was time to go to sleep. He went for a long walk which ended with a bird staining his best vest with bird poop. The rest is history.


Hi there and thanks for stopping by. I’m Guy, and you’re listening to my surreal sketchbook of reality.


Episode 9, The Cats Had Other Ideas

You know, some things are true and some are just, well, not true. This episode Is a semi-philosophical look at what is true and what is false and how we can tell them apart. I’m not a professional philosopher by any means and my approach can be quite absurd, illogical and not at all that serious, so – you’ve been warned. Do not take this podcast too seriously. If you tend to take things too seriously, this might not be the podcast for you. Seriously. I mean it. Find another podcast to listen to.

You’re still here? Good. Let’s talk about truth. In order to get our daily dose of truth, we must observe it and we get the most of it through our 5 senses. Our senses can be kind of tricksters though. They sometimes trick us into believing things are true when they are not. If you draw two circles and a curved line on a piece of paper for example, you would see a smiley face. There is no actual face there. There are only two circles and a curved line. Our senses are clearly deceiving us.

There are plenty of ways to trick our senses, especially our visual sense. What you see is not always what you get. For example, you can be tricked into believing two circles that are of the same size are actually of different sizes, by playing with their colors and the colors of their background. You can make straight lines appear curved by placing a grid of lines behind them, organized in a specific way. Knowing that, it is only natural to be skeptical about the truth as depicted by our senses. As a skeptic it would be harder to get to the bottom of what is true and what is not. You might become a scientist and use the scientific method to get to the truth. It’s the surest way to get there. I’ll be talking about the scientific method in another episode but right now, the truth is that I need a break. I’ll be right back.


A Loss of Time – a 100 word story

I lost my watch today, which wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t the keeper of time. You see, my watch is the key for time running smoothly, regularly and in an orderly manner. Now that it’s lost, no one has the time, except for a few time sensitives. People are rushing around like crazy, faster, faster, not even realizing anything is wrong. Time is accelerating towards a time bang, an end of all times when everything would happen all at once, then time would stop altogether. This is why you have to help me. Have you seen my watch?


Welcome back. The truth can be slippery and what you see might rely on where you are in relative relation to the truth. Let’s say for example that you are standing at the corner of a house. Let’s also say that this particular house have four walls. From where you stand you can see two of the walls and they are both painted light yellow. Would you say that the color of that house is light yellow? The whole house? Now, let’s say someone who has been standing at the exact opposite of the house comes your way and tells you the other two walls are in fact blue? How do you know if he is telling the truth? If he is telling the truth, how do you know someone hasn’t gone and painted the other two walls in red while he was away?

Truth can change while you look the other way. Truth is elusive. Truth is dynamic. What was true a minute ago might not be true anymore. Everything you know might be wrong. Some of it might be right though. You can never know for sure. That’s why you should always be a skeptic and double check the facts and remember, your truth might differ from someone else’s truth. So, what is the truth? Truth might be the best of all trolls, the finest of tricksters. In short, truth is a form of perspective. This concludes episode 9 of this podcast. Close the door on your way out and don’t forget – I’m just a figment of your imagination.